North Rift Valley Water Works Development Agency

Board Members of NRVWWDA attending an Induction Workshop at the Lake Naivasha Resort.

The Agency Board of Directors has attended a 3-day induction from the 24th – 26th of April 2023 at the Lake Naivasha Resort. This was arranged following the recent appointment of two independent Directors and the Chairman of the Board. The induction program provided an opportunity for the Board of Directors to acquire skills and insights into their oversight role as Directors thus enabling them to effectively deliver their mandate.

The induction program laid emphasis on critical issues in Board organization and operations, particularly the importance of State Corporations, the functioning of Government as a whole, the responsibilities of Boards, the conduct of Board Affairs based on Mwongozo; the Code of conduct of State Corporations; strategic direction through planning, policy, and resource mobilization; and oversight responsibility through the budget and audit function.s

The workshop was jointly facilitated by the State Corporations Advisory Committee in partnership with the Institute of Certified Public Secretaries (ICPS) augmenting the intent of promoting good governance and best practices in State Corporations.


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