North Rift Valley Water Works Development Agency

Planned Projects

Some of the immediate planned projects include the following:

  1. Construction of Kakiteitei water pan and related works in Turkana County
  2. Construction of Merur Water pan and related works in West Pokot County
  3. Construction of Chepchor water pan and related works in Elgeyo Marakwet County
  4. Rehabilitation of Chepnyal Rock catchment in West Pokot County
  5. Construction of Tot Water Supply Project in Elgeyo Marakwet County
  6. Construction of Kosich-Embobut Water Supply Project in Elgeyo Marakwet County
  7. Drilling and equipping of Flax Dispensary Borehole in Elgeyo Marakwet County
  8. Drilling and equipping of Chepareria Sub County Hospital Borehole in West Pokot County
  9. Drilling and equipping of Kapua Secondary School Borehole in Turkana County
  10. Drilling and equipping of Nakurio Girls Secondary School Borehole in West Pokot County

Other planned future projects include:

The future planned projects include:

  • Two Rivers Dam and Sosiani Treatment Works Expansion- 14B- Designs ongoing under KTSWSSP
  • Eldoret Economic Zones Water and Sanitation Project- to be appraised
  • Kimumu sanitation project- 3.8 Billion- Discussions ongoing with Belgium firm on financing
  • Eldoret wastewater expansion project(Quarry and Boundary) – 6B- To source for funds

Mois Bridge Water and Sanitation Project- 2.7 B- Designs undertaken by LVNWWDA- to source for funds

  • Kacheliba Water Supply Project- to be appraised
  • Sigor town Water Supply Augmentation Works –to be appraised
  • Makutano sewerage project- to source for funds
  • Kabichbich sewerage system- to be appraised
  • Chesegon water supply system- to be appraised
  • Lelan water supply system –to be appraised
  • Lodwar Town Water Supply Augmentation Works
  • Lokichar Water Supply Augmentation Works
  • Lokori Water Supply System
  • Lokitaung Water Supply System
  • Lokichogio Water Supply System
  • Kakuma Water Supply System
  • Kalokol Water Supply system
  • Napuu wellfield development
  • Lotikipi wellfield development
  • Lokichogio-Lokiding wellfield development
  • Turkana Cluster Water and Sanitation masterplan

Lodwar Town Sewerage Project

  • Iten-Tambach water supply Augmentation Works
  • Kimanich-Chesoi-Kapsowar gravity system
  • Kapsowar-Iten-Kapcherop sewerage project
  • Chepkorio-Nyaru water supply project
  • Kaptarakwa Water Supply Project
  • Tot water supply project phase II
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